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Updated: May 23, 2022

When it comes to designing our own homes, many of us keep contemplating on the million dollar question of "whom to select" for designing the house because we all feel that interior is a way of expression of one's personality and who will be right designer or contractor who can turn around to bring in the best possible aesthetical at the same time functional interiors at affordable costing within the desired timelines.

In today's world, many architects who design buildings hardly show interest in designing interior spaces. Those who do also, are invariably very fussy in materialising their concepts through the interior contractors because the sync between the architects and contractors is always found missing. Here comes the role of an interior designer cum contractor, who is able to design as well as execute his own designs and with a complete control of the project in terms of time lines & costing.

Babson Interio, is one of the very few companies which offers interior design solutions for residential, corporate and commercial spaces that include space planning, interior designing and turnkey execution. Awarding a project to Babson Interio as a turnkey contract, helps in a large way to the clients as the worry of coordinating between the designer and contractor is no longer there.

Babson Interio, has a team of interior design professionals, engineers, draftmen, project managers and various teams of skilled workmen for doing various categories of interior related works.

Once an enquiry is received, we send our person to meet the client to understand the requirements and take the actual site measurements. As soon as the measurements are taken, various optional interior furniture layouts are made and shown to the client which goes multiple levels of fine tuning till the desired layout is frozen. During the meetings, different types of "look & feel" of interiors for various finishes, are shared with the clients which help them understand the cost implications for achieving what they have in mind. Then our inhouse professionals prepare the BOQs and quote for the chosen interior finishes and submitted. On specific request, 3D views / perspectives are shown to the clients. On approval of the layout and budget, we commence the project for execution. Quality is the essence of any project and when it comes to interiors top most quality is highly critical. Adequate quality control routines are followed at sites during the progress of the work which help to avoid many unnecessary wastage or repetitive works. Our project managers ensure to implement the approved designs within the timelines agreed upon.

Babson Interio, takes the pride in helping its clients achieve their ideas to life in a most distinct way @ an affordable costing with conscience of quality and timelines.

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